What is an AeroPress?

The AeroPress is a coffee brewing device that uses a unique pressurised brewing method to produce smooth and rich coffee. It is popular among coffee enthusiasts worldwide for its ability to extract flavours efficiently.

What is Brewista?

Brewista is a brand that specializes in precision brewing tools. Their innovative products are designed to make brewing coffee or tea easier and more accurate, ensuring consistency and helping you achieve the perfect cup every time.

How can Brewista's tools help me?

Brewista's precision brewing tools are designed to help you achieve accuracy and consistency in your brewing process. By providing precise measurements, temperature control, and ergonomic design, Brewista's tools give you more control over the brewing process, resulting in a consistently delicious cup of coffee. Whether you are a professional barista or a home brewing enthusiast, Brewista's tools will enhance your brewing experience and elevate the quality of your beverages.

What is a Chemex and how does it work?

A Chemex is a pour-over coffee maker that is known for its iconic design. It consists of a glass carafe with a conical shape and a wooden collar tied with a leather strap. To use it, you place a special Chemex coffee filter in the top of the carafe, add ground coffee, and slowly pour hot water over the coffee grounds. The coffee then drips through the filter into the carafe, resulting in a clean and flavourful brew.

Can I use any type of coffee with a Chemex?

Yes, you can use any type of coffee with a Chemex. However, it is recommended to use a medium-coarse grind for best results. This allows for a slower extraction and helps to prevent over-extraction, which can result in a bitter taste. Additionally, using freshly roasted coffee beans and filtered water can enhance the flavour of your brew.

What is Fellow known for?

Fellow is known for their products that beautifully combine aesthetics with functionality, creating an enjoyable and delightful coffee-making experience.

What kind of products does Fellow offer?

Fellow offers a range of coffee-making products, including coffee brewers, kettles, grinders, and accessories. Each product is designed with both style and practicality in mind.

What is Hario known for?

Hario is known for its coffee equipment, particularly its glass craftsmanship. The brand combines form and function to create high-quality products that enhance the coffee brewing experience.

What kind of coffee equipment does Hario offer?

Hario offers a wide range of coffee equipment, including pour-over brewers, coffee grinders, coffee drippers, coffee servers, and coffee scales. Each product is designed with attention to detail and functionality to ensure the best brewing results.

What is an Origami dripper?

The Origami dripper is a pour-over coffee brewing device that is designed to deliver a precise and flavourful cup of coffee. It features a stylish design and high-quality filters that allow coffee enthusiasts to explore the art of pour-over coffee with precision and style.