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Cafec ABACA+ Paper Filter CUP 1

Cafec ABACA+ Paper Filter CUP 1

Introducing the Abaca+ Paper Filter - the evolution of the beloved CAFEC product that coffee enthusiasts can't get enough of. Here's why it's the ultimate choice:

  • Elevated Eco-Friendliness: Just like its predecessor, Abaca+ Paper Filter takes pride in being environmentally friendly, aligning with your sustainable values.
  • Crystal-Clear Taste: Experience coffee like never before with an unparalleled clean and clear taste that truly brings out the essence of your brew.
  • Effortless Flow: With its innovative "Fine-Grained method," Abaca+ Paper Filter guarantees a fast, stable, and smooth flow rate. Say goodbye to delays and inconsistencies in your brewing process.

Building on its legacy, Abaca+ Paper Filter employs cutting-edge manufacturing technology that reduces crepe distance and maximizes paper surface area. This results in an even smoother, faster water flow that enhances the sweetness, brightness, and overall cleanliness of your cup.

Certified with FSC® Forest Stewardship Certification, the Abaca+ Paper Filter goes beyond enhancing taste - it actively contributes to environmental protection. Elevate your coffee ritual with a filter that embodies excellence in taste and responsibility.

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