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Coffee Drip Bags Colombia Bucaramanga

Coffee Drip Bags Colombia Bucaramanga

Start your day with our advanced Colombia Bucaramanga coffee drips. Experience rich flavours effortlessly. Redefine your mornings with ease and taste. Brew with precision.

Taste: prunes, grapes, cocoa

Contains: 5 drip bags of 10g

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Sometimes it is good to stay true to the classics. If we talk about coffee classics, we certainly cannot do without Colombia Bucaramanga. The name itself is a guarantee of stable quality: large grains and a smooth cup profile with bright acidity.

In its medium body, notes of prunes are in the foreground - they are not to be confused with anything! Grape nuances join in the next sip, revealing acidity. The role of cocoa is to complete this pleasant experience — its notes will remain with you even in the delicate aftertaste.

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  • Drip bag

    2 min, 180 ml of hot water (92°C - 94°C)

  • Enjoy your perfect sip

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