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Coffee Drip Bags Colombia Daniel Garcia

Coffee Drip Bags Colombia Daniel Garcia

Elevate your coffee experience with our innovative Colombia Daniel Garcia coffee drips. Discover the perfect fusion of rich flavors and smooth textures in every sip. Crafted for simplicity and taste, our coffee drips redefine your morning routine. Indulge in the art of brewing with precision.

Taste: pineapple, red wine, red apple

Contains: 5 drip bags of 10g

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Daniel García Cano is a dedicated second-generation coffee farmer. He grew up on the plantation Finca Alto Corozal, and later bought it from his father and sister.

The guy plunged into the world of specialty coffee in 2012, when a friend introduced him to fermentation methods. These methods eventually led him to create exceptional anaerobic strains like the one we present today.

Daniel pays a lot of attention to manual sorting, so his farm workers carefully pick only ripe coffee cherries. Next, the coffee is delivered to the washing station, where workers once again go through all this scrub by hand.

After manual sorting, the cherries are fermented in sealed polyethylene bags for five days. After fermentation, the cherries are dried for another 4-5 days.

In the filter you will feel the flavors of pineapple, red dry wine and red apple. It's like you're at a wedding, and you managed to sit at both the children's and adult tables. Holiday, not coffee.

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  • Drip bag

    2 min, 180 ml of hot water (92°C - 94°C)

  • Enjoy your perfect sip

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