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Dotyk Dripper

Dotyk Dripper

Dotyk dripper is a traditional method of alternative brewing of filter coffee - pourover, which attracts with its unique shape and special philosophy.

Features of the form

Holes that are located throughout the area of the Dotyk dripper help the freshly roasted coffee to degas (get rid of carbon dioxide) quickly and evenly, which improves extractability. Also, thanks to the unique shape, water passes through the coffee without delay.

Doesn't need to be warmed up

A ceramic device that does not need to be heated, because the drop-sharp shape of the edges reduces the contact of the paper filter with the device, so Dotyk dripper does not absorb heat, leaving it inside the coffee.

Contact with air

Thanks to the holes, the Dotyk dripper quickly loses temperature, which slows down the release of unpleasant substances at the last stage of brewing.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rebekah Sims
Beautiful design, and improved brews!

I recently purchased this Dotyk Dripper after doing a taste test, testing it alongside several other drippers, including v60. It was the clear winner, giving the coffee an incredibly smooth finish and allowing the subtle flavours of the single-origin coffee used to sing. I have been very happy with my purchase! I ordered it from the UK, it took a little over a week to arrive with no delay or added charge despite it crossing multiple borders on its journey here. It's a very welcomed addition to my morning coffee ritual, bringing visual beauty and sensational brews, honouring the heroic effort of the producers of the many locally roasted small-batch single-origins I so enjoy drinking.

thamer alotaibi
I enjoyed that

Thank you very much for your wonderful treatment and attention to every detail