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Coffee Drip Bags Ethiopia Limu

Coffee Drip Bags Ethiopia Limu

Upgrade your coffee game with our new Ethiopia Limu coffee drips. Experience a delightful blend of rich flavors and smooth textures in every sip. Designed for simplicity and taste, our coffee drips redefine your mornings. Embrace the art of brewing with precision.

Taste: tea with lemon, walnuts, berry compote

Contains: 5 drip bags of 10g

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Ethiopia Limu coffee is produced in the southwestern part of Ethiopia, in the Oromia region, where it is grown at an altitude of up to 2000 meters above sea level. Limu is characterized by fruity notes, lemon acidity and a clean aftertaste.

Washed Limu coffee is a relatively new phenomenon in the Ethiopian coffee market, because coffee in these regions has been dried in the sun for generations. Washed processing helps to preserve the final quality and consistency; this method has become popular relatively recently and is very successful.

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  • Drip bag

    2 min, 180 ml of hot water (92°C - 94°C)

  • Enjoy your perfect sip

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