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Ethiopia Limu

Ethiopia Limu

100% Arabica

Cup score: 84+

Origin: Ethiopia

Altitude: 1100 - 2000 m

Process: Washed

Best for: Espresso

Acidity: Medium

Flavors: Almond milk, cherry, orange juice

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Imagine a warm sunny day. The air mixes the sweet aromas of flowering trees, among which the acacia stands out, it seems, even tastes good! You hide in the saving coolness of the garden, enjoying this oasis of shade. In one hand a glass of lime lemonade, and in the other - American cookies, which have just been treated by neighbors. Take a sip of lemonade, then eat a piece of cookie - and want to stay in this moment forever!

And now imagine this whole story in one cup! In a cup, where sweet fruit shades are harmoniously combined with citrus, and the mild aroma perfectly complements the orange sponge cake. This is a balanced coffee that delights with its bright bouquet.

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  • Espresso

    Almond milk, cherry, orange juice


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