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Timemore X lite Advanced Gift Box

Timemore X lite Advanced Gift Box

The Timemore X-lite Gift Box is a collection of essential accessories for brewing fresh coffee using the pour-over method, featuring the premium-class X-lite professional coffee grinder.

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Set includes:

  • Timemore X-lite Black Coffee Grinder
  • Crystal Eye Glass Dripper 01 Funnel (Size 01)
  • Black Mirror Basic 2 Scale with Timer
  • Glass Server 360ml
  • Timemore Fish Smart Electric Kettle 600ml
  • 50 V01 Size Paper Filters
  • Cleaning Brush

The centerpiece of this set is the premium-class Timemore X-lite coffee grinder, optimized for uniform particle size, achieving grind consistency comparable to the best electric coffee grinders.
Grind settings: Turkish, Espresso, Filter Coffee.

  • Clicks 03-07 Espresso
  • Clicks 13-16 Pour-Over & Electric Drip
  • Clicks 17-20 French Press

Black Mirror Basic 2 electronic scales with a timer. This new version of scales is suitable for both espresso and pour-over brewing.
This version introduces flow rate measurement and auto-function.
The chip has been upgraded for greater data accuracy.
Built-in 1600mAh battery,
0.1g accuracy across the entire measurement range (2-2000g).

The set includes the Timemore Fish Smart electric kettle with a narrow spout, 600ml capacity, and precise controlled laminar water flow (no dripping) for ideal extraction.

Crystal Eye Glass Dripper 01 funnel made of glass; For 1-2 persons.

Set dimensions (cm): 47x37x17
Packaging weight (kg): 3 kg

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