About me

I have been working with coffee taking different roles for over 6 years and it is my pleasure to share my expertise and knowledge with you. 

My vision is that anyone can learn about coffee and Specialty coffee with equal parts of fun and seriousness. Having coffee is ultimately about having a good time, isn’t it?

I am one of 2 certified by Specialty Coffee Association Trainers in Slovenia, meaning that by the end of our journey through coffee culture, history, chemistry, botany, many tastings and barista routine you will get an official SCA Certificate. This Certificate is recognized worldwide as a proof of one's professional level.

🏆 Lev Volodarsky - Slovene Cup Tasting Champion 2023 🏆

The trainings

I strongly believe in a personalized approach. So all the training programs are designed for not more than 5 students at a time.

If you are only starting your coffee journey I would recommend a “SCA Introduction to Coffee” program. It allows one to build up a basic knowledge about coffee as a plant, product and beverage while also giving a fair share of time to practice working with a espresso-machine, grinder and other Barista tools.

In case you already have some experience working with coffee but want to expand both practical skills and discover more about coffee itself you would most certainly should pick a “SCA Barista Foundation“ course. 

Perfect for Barista with under 3 months experience, this program goes deep in coffee theory and Barista working routine, exploring more on the efficiency of working as a barista. 

Course Length: Minimum 8 hours including practical exam

Already mastered basic coffee related skills and got a modest coffee library in your place? 

It is time for you to go more advanced.

The “SCA Barista Skills Intermediate” is suited best for a Barista who already worked in a field for over 6 months and confident in their way around the bar. 

Even deeper coffee theory training, even more demanding practical exercises. 

Course Length: Minimum 14 hours including practical exam 

The final level is “SCA Barista Skills Professional”, which is necessary for becoming a SCA Trainer yourself. This program is mostly centered around testing a student with at least a year of working experience as well as providing even further theoretical and practical training.

Course Length: Minimum 21 hours including the practical exam

But that's not all! 

Apart from SCA courses you might choose to undergo a journey through in-person or online lectures and cuppings (coffee degustations).

Write to us what would you like to know about coffee and follow us to know the dates for our next event.

Hope to see you around for a cup of delicious coffee!

Lev Volodarsky

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