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Brazil Diamond

Brazil Diamond

100% Arabica

Cup score: 82

Origin: Brazil

Process: Washed

Best for: Espresso

Acidity: Delicate

Flavors: Red currant, jasmine flowers, cocoa

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If you take a deep breath of this coffee aroma your imagination dives into a garden which is paved with jasmine flowers. Light breeze spreads their breath-taking scent far away, enriching the air with sweety notes. Have you imagined that?

And here you are, happily tasting currant directly picked from the bush, enjoying its mild acidity. Being already full, you finish it up with some walnuts, which aftertaste will keep reminding you about this amazing summer bites.

Delight is in simple things.

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  • Espresso

    red currant, jasmine flowers, cocoa


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