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Cafec ABACA Paper Filter CUP 1

Cafec ABACA Paper Filter CUP 1

The Cafec Abaca Paper Filter is an eco-friendly filter paper made from non-wood material, Abaca (Manila hemp), and wood-pulp. It is known for its good air and liquid permeability, toughness, and elasticity. This paper filter is uniquely strong, with Abaca fiber being four times as strong as normal wood pulp. It is made in Japan and is highly rated by the Japan Hand-Drip Championship for its ability to brew high-quality coffee with good acidity​.

In addition to these qualities, the Cafec Abaca Paper Filter has a "Two-Side Crepe" feature due to Cafec's original paper making technology. Unlike regular paper, which is dried on a heating roller and thus only has crepe on one side, Cafec paper is dried using a hot blast, which ensures that both sides of the paper maintain the crepe and its height. This results in better tasting brewed coffee. 

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