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Ethiopia Tsegayo Tekebo Abraham

Ethiopia Tsegayo Tekebo Abraham

100% Arabica

Origin: Ethiopia

Region: Biloya

Altitude: 1700 m

Process: Dry

Best for: Filter

Acidity: Bright

Flavors: Peach, plum, strawberry

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Abraham Demis and his family run a 5.1-hectare farm where they make their own natural, technological coffee. Their farm area is just over double the average size of conventional garden coffee farms in the area, and this year's harvest yielded 80 bags of grade 1 green coffee. His farm has been in the family for generations.

Abraham Demis uses his family's traditional knowledge to select the best trees with high yield, high quality, disease resistance and drought tolerant characteristics. His inherited traditional coffee-making skills are accompanied by special modern approaches. Thanks to them, the top layer of the soil on the farm always remains rich in nutrients.

Abraham Demis and his family pick the coffee cherries by hand and bring them directly to the drying beds on his farm. The coffee is covered for the night, as well as from rain and heat. To maintain uniform drying, coffee cherries are turned every 2 hours on African beds.

The experience of many generations of coffee cultivation combined with modern technologies give coffee a fantastic taste.

Ethiopia Tsegayo Tekebo Abraham will open in your filter with notes of plum, strawberry and peach.

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    Plum, strawberry, peach


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