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Kenya Nyaega Kiyaka

Kenya Nyaega Kiyaka

100% Arabica

Origin: Kenya

Region: Kisii, Western Kenya

Altitude: 1650 - 1700 m

Process: Dry

Best for: Filter

Acidity: Medium

Flavors: Plum, fig, white currant

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Kiyaka - coffee, produced the farm of producers Edwin and Jacqueline from Kenya.
Edwin is one of a kind in Kenya, who always tries to experiment between different anaerobic fermentation methods and diversifying his plantation, varieties and care methods. His wife, Jacqueline, works closely with the Colombian producer through social media to conduct all their experiments. She is also a coffee quality manager and a great coffee taster.

Edwin creates his plantations using the interaction of various crops and beehives. Always improving his farm, he made himself a micro-mill to process all his coffees with a large quantity of drying African beds. His small farm consists of many interesting varieties of coffee, as well as fruit trees, chili peppers and yams. Beehives, which are placed in different parts of the farm, increase the productivity of the farmer in the care of the trees.

All varieties of coffee cherries are carefully selected after ripening, then placed in water tanks to clean the defective cherries. After that, they are placed in sealed containers for 4-6 days, depending on the temperature. After anaerobic fermentation, the coffee is washed and left to dry on African beds. They are protected by a canopy from the heat. The dry cherries after 28 days, reaching 12,5% maximum humidity are then sent to a large modern mill, where the coffees are graded and cleaned before shipping.

Coffee will taste plum, fig, and white currant with a slight sour in your filter and vanilla, kiwi or prune in your espresso.

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    plum, fig, white currant


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ideal for my morning filter


I was ordering Kenya, which I really love, and I was surprised, when I did a first sip. its different from standard Kenya, it's deeper, experimental and Kenya in the same time, with slight touch of citrus, which I love. I was wondering, what is it, because I tried anaerobic Kenya for the first time, and than the second part of trip began - I read a story, literally an adventure of beans, who did it, where, I even found Nyaenga Facebook and saw these real photos, real people, making a very big and important business for locals and people around the world. the feeling of connect was incredible, like a hand written letter - simple and authentic. also for me as Ukrainian it's very heart touching experience, because all the details of product are very talking to me. thank you so much for quality, taste and emotions!

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